Don’t miss your opportunity to win any one of Reveal Walla Walla Valley’s spectacular wines.

Reveal Walla Walla Valley is pleased to announce the provision for absentee bidding.  If you are unable to attend the auction in person, you are still able to secure any of these unique wine lots by giving us your absentee bids.

After reviewing the lots, simply email us at with the lot number, name of the winery(ies) and the maximum price you are willing to pay along with your contact information.

                Lot 2 – Amavi Cellars             $_____
                Lot 5 – Doubleback           $_____
                Lot 11 – Pepper Bridge Winery       $_____

                Name _____________________
                Address ____________________
                Phone number _______________
                Email address ________________

You will be assigned a paddle number and the auctioneer will execute your bid in response to other bidders, up to your top amount.  For example, if the auctioneer opens bidding on a Lot at $1,500 and your bid is $1,700, she will execute your bid next, and so on, at the same live bid increment until your bid either wins when the bidding in the room stops (which could be under your top price), or your top bid is bested.

We’re happy to provide you with this “fighting chance” of obtaining some of the most exciting wines produced in the Walla Walla Valley.

Absentee bidders must register for Reveal Walla Walla Valley by March 15, 2019.